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Ascential Corporate Case Study

Ascential's workforce includes more than 3500 employees across five continents working with clients in over 120 countries.


The PLD platform enabled over 450 mentees/mentors to register in their profile whether they are part of a specific diversity & inclusion 'Employee Networks'.

The data shows the program is providing valuable mentoring support to help break down silos, build leadership careers, and foster internal talent

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Barts Health NHS Trust Case Study

Healthcare Horizons helps young people take their first steps in NHS careers.


75% of mentees found a suitable match to provide career advice & support.

Feedback shows the programme has been effective in helping young people from diverse backgrounds unlock their potential as they are guided toward a career in healthcare.

99% of the mentors sad they would recommend mentoring to colleagues.

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Beazley Group Case Study

Beazley is a global insurance and reinsurance organisation working with a worldwide assortment of clients.

They required a mentoring solution that integrated with their existing HR platforms, was user-friendly, & did not detract from employees' day to day responsibilities.


A cost-effective mentoring platform that supports peer to peer learning on a global scale configured specifically to their needs. Mentors & mentees manage their connections and relationships with minimal oversight from admin.

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Royal College of Midwives Case Study

The professional organisation dedicated to serving midwifery.

There is a dearth of senior leaders of colour in maternity. The goal is to use the mentoring platform to be a catalyst for change and provide the support needed to overcome this.


When offered to minority ethnic midwives, 76% of mentees who completed profiles found a suitable matching mentor. Mentees have developed relationships using the platform as a springboard to accelerate their career development & progression.

Mentors have brought a wealth of experience, expertise & skills to support the mentee's requirements.

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IOSH Case Study

With over 49,000 members, IOSH is the world's largest Chartered Membership Body for Safety & Health Professionals.

They advise governments, NGOs & policymakers in over 130 countries.


The highly configurable PLD software enabled IOSH to implement a mentoring platform tailored to specific requirements.

Their entire membership was able to transfer skills from one member to another. It revolutionised the way members interacted with each other & formed meaningful mentoring relationships.

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ELFT Case Study

ELFT provides a wide range of health services across the London area. Following a competitive process, PLD was selected for its cost-effectiveness and functionality.


The platform's set-up & visual appearance was fully-customised based on ELFT's organisational needs. The programme facilitated access to ELFT's qualified coaches while adding a reverse mentoring programme to support their Equality, Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

Making use of PLD's evaluation surveys, interactive & educational text/video resources, & flow charts, users were able to easily navigate through their sessions. Helpful models, hints & tips were suggested through every stage of their mentoring/coaching relationship.

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NHS CEP Case Study

The world's largest entrepreneurial training programme in healthcare.

NHSCEP brings together industry, government, regulators, patients and the NHS to remove barriers & accelerate ground-breaking treatments & diagnostics with the potential to transform healthcare.


PLD's platform replaced their previous time consuming and laborious manual mentor-matching system with a digital solution that is customisable, scalable & helps their mentees find their ideal mentor.

PLD's site license, instead of cost per user, was essential due to the large size of the NHSCEP network. Setup was "quick & easy" and adapted well to their specialized needs.

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Business In The Community Case Study

Formed with His Majesty King Charles III as Royal Founding Patron in 1982, Business in the Community is an outreach charity & network of over 600 business members.

Their aim is to create a fair & sustainable world in which to live & work.


BITC found the configurable nature of PLD's solutions & ongoing support to perfectly fit the technical requirements for their job coaching programme.

In the first year, 90% of jobseekers were matched with a relevant business coach & also reported an improvement in their progress. 91% said they would highly recommend the programme to others.

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alta Mentoring Case Study

Alta is the first mentoring platform for women by women in the aviation and aerospace industry. Their purpose is to help female mentees identify a mentor with suitable experience to suit their development needs.

Alta approached PLD looking for mentoring software that better suited their purpose.


The alta mentoring programme, using PLD software, has supported hundreds of women in aviation & aerospace with 99% of users saying their relationship on the platform was a good match.

Alta's industry-wide mentoring scheme, recognised for empowering women in aviation, won the Economic and Social Research Council Outstanding Business and Enterprise Impact Award for 2022.

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CIAT Mentoring Case Study

As the qualifying body for architectural technology in the UK -- with overseas centres in Hong Kong, the Republic of Ireland, & elsewhere -- the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists, has over 9,500 members & affiliates.


The PLD mentoring platform, now in its 8th year, has resulted in the successful creation of hundreds of mentoring relationships. It provides a cost-effective, external, one-stop shop, web-based platform to assist with career development, guidance and support as well as mentoring for our members and affiliates.

It manages itself -- enabling optimum outputs within our organisation's limited resources. We also use it as a promotional tool to demonstrate our value proposition.

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Inspire Mentoring Case Study

Inspire Mentoring connects marginalised youths from disadvantaged backgrounds with a professional who has volunteered to become a mentor.

Their goal was to provide a digital platform & structure to facilitate excellent mentoring.

The PLD platform was selected after "a lot of research" showed they offered the best value and approach -- ticking all the boxes in terms of training resources.


The programme has thrived with participants actively forming relationships, setting up & completing goals while using the in-built video chat for meetings.

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Vision Action Remote Mentoring Case Study

Vision Action's remote mentoring programme supports national governments to deliver & strengthen their eye health strategies in low & middle-income countries.

Their aim is to offer continuous support to Human Resources for Eye Health -- to strengthen skills & confidence while sharing best practices in Optometry services.


Over 450 mentees/mentors have registered since launch with a high level of engagement across divisions.

Geographical barriers are removed by using in-platform video call -- mentors can be located anywhere! The ability to log meeting hours enables ongoing monitoring & evaluating.

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