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7 Reasons why your organisation could benefit from mentoring

  1. Over 71% of Fortune 500 companies offer mentoring programs? This shows that mentoring programs are now the gold standard in a majority of workplaces.
  2. 79% of Millennials see mentoring as crucial to their career success.
  3. 68% of millennials with a mentor intend to stay with their organisation for over 5 years compared to the 32% of their peers who don't.
  4. A massive 94% of employees stated they would stay at a company for longer if they were offered opportunities to develop and grow within the company and their careers.
  5. 86% of professionals claim that having access to mentoring is a factor in them staying with an organisation.
  6. 70% of small businesses that receive mentoring survive five years or more — twice the rate ofthose who don't have mentoring relationships.
  7. 84% of CEOs stated that mentoring has helped them avoid mistakes within their businesses!

12 Reasons Why Your Organisation Should Choose PLD Mentoring Software

Empower your people and achieve organisation excellence with a PLD mentoring programme

Increased efficiency and productivity

Whilst the benefits of offering a mentoring programme are clear, the reality of running one can prove to be cumbersome and costly without the software to support the process.

PLD's professional mentoring software platform streamlines the administrative tasks involved in managing a mentoring program.

PLD mentoring software helps match mentees with the right mentor, provides all the tools and training resources they need and helps you track progress, whilst reducing the costs of managing a mentoring program and freeing up administrators to focus on other important tasks. All without the need for time-consuming spreadsheets!

The platform was sold and deployed as a site licence rather than on a per-user cost basis which gave me the flexibility to purchase the platform and not have to worry about additional licence costs - which is really helpful when managing my budget especially as I was unsure of take-up in the first year.

Innovate Communities Logo Elaine McGauran Community Project Manager,
Innovate Communities

Improved Engagement

PLD clients frequently cite their employee engagement and retention as a direct benefit of their formalised mentoring program. PLD's mentoring platform fosters GROWTH. Growth leads to job satisfaction. Job satisfaction leads to personnel retention.

Greater Communication and Collaboration

PLD's mentoring software provides a central platform for mentors and mentees to communicate and collaborate. This makes it easier to share resources and information.

Silos are broken down, internal talent is fostered and leaders are developed.


Maximum User Engagement

Relationships are nurtured with a step by step journey which delivers a range of specially developed tools and resources exactly when they are needed, keeping users engaged. Targeted reminders keep relationships on track.

First Class Data Security Gives You Peace of Mind

The PLD mentoring platform is privacy-minded & fully GDPR compliant. We use the Government backed cyber-security scheme Cyber Essentials Plus.

Your data is encrypted & remains in the UK. Our staff meets or exceed the HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standards. Our mentoring platforms undergo regular penetration testing by external CREST and CHECK approved suppliers.

Cyber Essentials

Fully Customisable and Integratable

We will fully brand your platform to fit with your specific requirements and can integrate with your website or CRM to give a seamless user experience. The mentoring matching process will be fully configured to meet your specific needs, to give the best possible matches.

Fully Accessible Software for Confidence in Your Programme

Our platform is regularly audited for accessibility, by independent experts, to ensure it meets all WCAG 2.2 AA requirements.

You can be confident your programme is fully accessible in screen readers, speech recognition software and keyboard only devices.

Person pointing left

Easy To Launch and Scale

Our experienced specialists will work closely with you to plan, configure and launch your programme. PLD's mentoring software can be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation and scaled to accommodate large numbers of mentors and mentees.

No Hidden Costs, Flat Rate Fee

PLD is the only mentoring software platform that offers a Flat Fee Site License for Unlimited Platform Users with no hidden costs! This gives you the flexibility to purchase a platform and not have to worry about the success of your platform increasing your cost!

You'll come for our competitive pricing and stay for our customer service.

The PLD mentor matching platform is intuitive to use and quick to set up. PLD has been so professional and easy to work with. The platform is very cost-effective compared to other similar products.

iO logo Matthew Rogers Head of Personal Development,
Institute of Osteopathy

The customer service was excellent from the initial discussion through to after sales support. The platform is also pretty low cost and was implemented on time with no change to budget.

The Institute of Leadership logo Wayne Pope Head of Customer Relations,
Institute of Leadership and Management

Service and Support that Delivers

Our experienced specialists will work closely with you to plan, configure, launch, promote, review and develop your program. You will be assigned your own client services manager who will meet with you on a regular basis to review feedback and engagement and will help you keep your programme on track to achieve your goals.

Marketing Support

"If we build it they will come" - At PLD we know that is not always the case, which is why we work closely with you to ensure it's as easy as possible to promote your platform to your potential users at launch and beyond. We have a full back catalogue of mentoring articles that you can access and use and new ones added each month. We will work with you to plan promotion activities at our regular review meetings and can even host webinars for your platform.

Proven Expertise

Over the last 12 years PLD has worked with over 150 clients to develop and refine a mentoring software platform that provides the best possible user experience and maximum engagement. Why try to reinvent the wheel, when you can use a proven mentoring platform.

Supplier to more than a 1,000,000 users at over 150 clients

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