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September 2021

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Business in the Community (BITC) is a community outreach charity and network of business members leading a movement to create a fair and sustainable world in which to live in work.

Formed in 1982, and with His Majesty King Charles III as Royal Founding Patron, BITC are the largest and longest-established membership organisation dedicated to responsible business. BITC work and campaign with more than 600 members to continually grow their responsible business practices, uniting efforts for greater social and environmental impact in communities across the UK.

Aim of the Program

BITC's job coaching programme provides an opportunity for jobseekers to connect with volunteer coaches from the UK's leading business. Job Coaching provides jobseekers with 1:1 support through six business-led coaching sessions tailored towards the areas that jobseekers have identified as being most important in their search for employment. BITC have a proven method leading to positive destinations for jobseekers with 69% of programme participants moving into education or employment and 85% of jobseekers reporting improved skills and wellbeing.

The purpose of the programmes is to connect the experience and skills of business volunteers with jobseekers to ensure nobody is left behind.

Our Solution

The team at BITC considered the user journey and technical requirements for the job coaching programme and decided that PLD were their right partner for the project. The configurable nature of the PLD solution and the ongoing support offered were important factors in the decision

PLD were able to work with BITC to map out an optimum user journey that enabled referrers and jobseekers to connect with the most relevant business coach to suit their needs.

BITC have been able to include their own specific coaching stages and materials into the platform meaning each coaching client gets a consistent level of support from their job coach.

PLD's collaboration with BITC has delivered a platform that allows business coaches to be matched with jobseekers, communicate directly and track the progress of their coaching relationship with the participant they are supporting. They can draw on the resources they need to help support their coaching journey at each stage of the journey.


As we approach the first year of the programme, 90% of jobseekers have been matched with a relevant business coach. The level of engagement is easily tracked with many relationships now completed with positive feedback.

From the survey results over 90% of jobseekers have reported an improvement in their progress after attending the sessions. Improved confidence and optimism have also been highlighted by those surveyed, as well as a strong motivation to continue looking for work. The coaching has led to interviews for jobseekers and has resulted in employment for some participants. 91% of those surveyed said they would highly recommend the programme to others.

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